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"Deadfall," is the story of a brother and sister, Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde),who decide to split up and go their separate ways after a botched robbery and car accident. Through a chance meeting and a twist of fate, the brother and sister are again reunited on Thansgiving day, one that turns out to be anything but a great Holiday for all parties (the siblings, a young police woman, a husband and wife, and their son - Liza's new love interest, a former Olympic medalist boxer that has just been released from prison.)

The acting all around was solid. Eric Bana pulls this one off well especially considering he had to kill his Australian accent in favor of a southern U.S. one. Olivia Wilde also pulled off her role, but it's hard to tell, and I am definitely biased as she is great eye candy. Charlie Hunnam who plays an ex-Olympic Boxer turned ex-con, shows some skill as well and proves why everyone loves the "Son's of Anarchy" series.

The writing is well done, and the setting and scenery do nothing to hurt a good movie. There are a few action scenes that keep you from losing interest throughout the drama. Once again having the distraction of the delicious Olivia Wilde also does the trick as well. The intertwining of the stories which sometimes can be overused and cliché these days, was done in a rather effective fashion that made it a more interesting movie. The characters themselves were well built so that you find yourself not really hating any of them, and then again not loving any of them either. This is a real challenge and not easy to accomplish without making people lose interest and feel indifferent altogether. I would have liked at some point to have seen a lot more of the actual robbery. Kris Kristofferson, although supposed to be playing a hardened ex-detective, still comes off a little too wooden. I also, personally anyway, can't stand Treat Williams, who is a B-movie actor at best.


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