The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward
Robert Ford

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Loved everything about this movie. Everything. The Film is an amazing work of art, a great piece of cinematic achievement...excellent in every way...the music, the acting, the story...everything. The raw power of the visuals and the performances take the audience on a haunting character exploration of idolization and self dignity. This isn't a typical western of the genre and it really isn't a revisionist western either. It's unique and original and you will not forget this film.

Casey Affleck, Brad Pitt and Sam Rockwell give the performances of their careers. Andrew Dominik's meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship proves his capability of being an excellent filmmaker. Top it off with the genius photographic talents of Roger Deakins and the musical brilliance of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis and you have one great film.

That's because this movie goes far beyond the scope of the expected western film. Unfortunately, the slow and meditative style appeals more to hardcore western fans rather than the mass audiences who only go to see long, complicated, unnecessary action scenes. The beauty of this movie is more based on images, music and expressions. It's visually and intellectually rich, in my opinion, for its explorations on the decaying psyche of this famous outlaw.


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